Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

So Liz and I (or David and I, from the other perspective) got married this past Saturday, April 11th, 2009. We decided to set up a blog so that lots of people, including those who do not use facebook or whatever, can see some of our wedding pictures. There will probably be a few posts on this, as there are a number of pictures, some rather large. These first ones were taken by David's/my aunt Tresa from Lindon, Utah. She does some wedding photography as a hobby, and so she did many of our pictures for free, so we're pretty thankful for that. They're not in some kind of reverse order, and this isn't all of them, as it takes awhile to upload, and I'm not used to doing that. Whatever. Okay, enough talking and on to the pictures.

00π with one good-lookin' lady!

Liz with her aunts Susan, Kirsten, and Gretchen.

The traditional Jacobs family wedding picture with siblings holding up the one getting married. Only one of Liz's siblings was available, so David's brothers Ben and Jimmy helped Cara out a bit.

Good thing Cara's pretty much awesome and can hold Liz up anyway.

Group picture. The really, really tall people are David's uncle David and aunt Tresa's family.

With David's parents.

With David's brothers Jimmy and Ben.

And Caroline.
The "Little" side of the family.

The Jacobs/Peat side of the family.

Liz, Caroline, and Liz's cousin SoRelle.

That's Sarah, a friend from Missouri and Liz's old roommate. She did Liz's hair and flowers.

And the shots above and below are the two of us just coming out of the temple.